The Rise of the Beast (2022) Movie Review

The Rise of the Beast – Movie Review

Rise of the Beast

Director: Jack Ayers

Writer: Max Brooks (Screenplay)


  • Sian Altman (Croc!)
  • Sarah T Cohen (Jurassic Island)
  • Andrew Rolfe
  • Giedre Jackyte
  • Erina Mashate

Plot: A group of activists break into a government facility in the hope to expose what they’re doing. Only to realise they are in more danger than they could have ever imagined when a wild beast breaks free.

Runtime: 1 Hour 14 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Rise of the Beast starts when undercover activist John (Boan) recruits his team to break into a government facility. John is joined by Faith (Altman), Elena (Cohen), Peter (Jeffries) and Andy (Nettleton) in a midnight plan.

However, the plan turns into a nightmare when the group comes under attack by an aggressive wild beast. Injuring part of the team, leaving them to figure out how to survive the situation.

Verdict on The Rise of the Beast

The Rise of the Beast is a creature feature following a group of activists who look to expose a government facility. It takes the activists to a remote location where they end up fighting back against something bigger than they expected.

This is a movie that feels like the opening sequences of ’28 Days Later’. Where the activists were getting into a facility and unleashing something they weren’t ready. The creature might well be heavily CGI, but it works for the fun creature feature elements. There is an interesting side note to what is happening, which could have easily been more disturbing.

Final Thoughts The Rise of the Beast is a fun creature feature movie.

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