Film Focus – Truth Or Dare (2012)

After a game of Truth or Dare goes wrong something happens to the victim.

Months after the event five friends get invited to a party that the victim is throwing only to meet his brother Justin (David Oakes). After a few drinks Justin’s darker side comes out and the five friends learn that his brother Felix (Tom Kane) has killed himself because of a postcard sent by one of them.

Justin now performs his own version of truth or dare to uncover the truth about what happened that night.

Starting out as a plain revenge film that has a small twist to what the norm is mixing some torture but very under used if that was his plan. I feel the wrong characters get killed, but once you see the final reasoning behind the action they kind of make more sense. Its a very simple slashers film that is watchable.

Best Part: Justin Dark side coming out

Best Performances: David Oakes

Best Character: Gemma

my rating 65%

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