Film Focus – Shark Night 3D (2011)

When Jaws meets Piranha

When a group of college friends go on a break on a island house in the middle of a salt water lake everything seems like it is going to be a good weekend. Things take a turn for the worse when one of the group gets attack by a shark.

They are trapped on the island with no phone reception one boat and one man down surrounded by a lake full of a range of different species of sharks, the question remains how did the sharks get there and can they make it through the night.

This films releases fell right on a spike of real life shark attacks which didn’t help it in the box office. As an ABC creature feature type film this is very simple by the book and easy to watch the suspense never really grows as the film tries its hardest to use the full effect of 3d effects which do disappoint.

In the end the film plays out well and the story although shallow is developed to a level which just about makes a couple of the characters likeable. In the end it is piranha’s shallowness and Jaw’s monsters. Sit back and enjoy the film.

Best Part: Jet Ski Shark Kill

Best Character: Nick

Best Performance: Sara Paxton

My ratting 72%

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