Film Focus – Monster Brawl (2011)

When monsters start wrestling and can it work

When eight monsters of film past get entered into fights to the death who will reign as the best monster of all.

The monsters involved are Cyclops, Witch Bitch, Mummy, Lady Vampire, Werewolf, Swamp gut, Zombie Guy and Frankenstein. Add in The mouth from the South Jimmy Hart playing himself promoting each fight, who do you think will win?

This clearly can’t be taken as a serious film I think if they were just flat out fights it could have had a better feel to it but in the end they are quick wrestling matches with a finish that shows what the monster/creature is capable of. Not a single one of the monsters actually has a scary feel to them, but I think the main highlight of the film is the montage on how the monster/creatures heard and prepared for the fight.

I think this could have been a lot better than it turned out to be, but with a limited budget the fights have to be simple and run of the mill special effects. In all honesty this is one you have to watch to see how bad it is.

Best Part: Montage stories

Best Character: The commentators are quite funny.

My rating 46%


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