Film Focus – The Dinosaur Project (2012)

British found footage thriller

The film follows a group of cryptozoologist who head off to Congo to locate a creature that could be the Congo’s very own lock ness monster. The trip takes a turn for the worse after an unknown flying creature attack their helicopter causing it to crash. Now the team has to race to survive the mystery of the Congo jungle.

I say this every time i watch a found footage film its all the trend and it is starting to get over used. In this one it almost feels used for the sake of it. the idea is good yet unoriginal take huge parts of the Lost World books along with it. The shaky cameras does add something to the feel of the fright but poor acting takes that away leaving very little to the imagination.

Even with these negatives you can still sit down and enjoy the story unfold and see what dinosaurs the creators bring to life.

Best Part: though its cheaply made the special effects are very good

Best Character: Paul

My Rating 72%

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