Exorcism in Utero (2023) Movie Review

Exorcism in Utero – Movie Review

Exorcism in Utero

Director: Erik Skybak

Writer: Erik Syybak (Screenplay)


Plot: It tells the story of a woman who must save her unborn child and herself when she is possessed by a powerful ring.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Exorcism in Utero starts when Herma (Bangs) takes a house-sitting job for the Johnsons. Their neighbours the O’Neill welcome her to the neighbourhood with open arms. However, the youngest member of that household Peter, starts having nightmares about his neighbours.

Meanwhile, Herma discovers a secret room in Johnson’s home and finds herself with a ring stuck on her finger. This sees her going through a transformation as her pregnancy starts coming on increasing fast.

Verdict on Exorcism in Utero

Exorcism in Utero is a horror thriller following a house-sitter who finds herself getting transformed. This is after entering a secret basement and discovering a ring she can’t remove. Her only help is the family next door but the transformation she is going through is taking too much out of her.

This is a strange little horror movie, it uses the secrets a household could have to drive the story forward. The transformation Herma goes through is disturbing, shocking and easily the strongest part of the movie. We have a horror-obsessed neighbour that brings a few laughs to the movie to lighten the mood. However, it is all about waiting for the reveal of whatever is happening to Herma that keeps us wanting to know more. This has a nice build-up and has horrific ideas in play, something that would make a great fun late-night watch.

Final Thoughts Exorcism in Utero has a disturbing and shocking transformation highlighting the movie.

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