Under Her Control (2022) Movie Review

Under Her Control – ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – U – Under Her Control – Movie Review

Under Her Control

Director: Fran Torres

Writer: Laura Sarmiento Pallares (Screenplay)


  • Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (The Machinist)
  • Cumelen Sanz (Monzon)
  • Younes Bachir
  • Mark Camacho (X-Men Days of Future Past)
  • Pedro Casablanc

Plot: When a fashion employee thinks she will have to end her promising career after getting pregnant, her boss offers to adopt the child.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Under Her Control starts when an ambitious young woman Sofia (Sanz) lands her dream job. She gets to work with Beatriz (Sanchez-Gijon) where she thrives. However, her perfect new role faces a problem when Sofia discovers she is pregnant.

Beatriz offers to help Sofia keep the baby a secret in exchange for adoption. This means Sofia must live with Beatriz until the baby comes, but the tension between the two starts to rise as the deal becomes difficult for them both to handle.

Verdict on Under Her Control

Under Her Control is a thriller following an ambitious young woman that sees her future put in doubt when she becomes pregnant. However, her boss offers her a way out a fresh start and a job once the baby arrives. This isn’t quite the deal she had planned and her life starts to complicate.

The movie does bring forward the discussion about career women losing their spot due to pregnancy. It shows a deal that offers a bright future instead of an abortion that would change the young woman’s life in other ways. However, the idea things start to spiral out of control and paranoia starts to take over. This keeps us guessing as to the motivations of the boss and whether the employee can go through with the deal. The leading performances are strong in the movie, to help keep the idea flowing.

Final Thoughts Under Her Control is a solid thriller over a sensitive subject.

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