Edge of Isolation (2018) Movie Review

Edge of Isolation – Tries Hard to be Edgy

Edge of Isolation Poster

Director: Jeff Houkal

Writer: Jeff Houkal (Screenplay)

Cast: Michael Marcel, Marem Hassler, Alexandra Peters, Monte Markham, Judi Barton, Diana Elizabeth Jordan

Plot: Stranded deep in the woods, a young married couple is taken in by an isolationist family, one that lives off the blood and plunder from lost hikers, and they want the couple to stay for the rest of their lives.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Edge of Isolation starts when couple Lance (Marcel) and Kendra (Hassler) look for a remote getaway in the woods. Getting back to nature, a place where they can be alone and away from work.

When the pair have an accident, they find an overly friendly family. Mary (Barton), Ivan (Markham) and Vlad (Houkal) offering them shelter. It doesn’t take long before they learn they are in danger. Fellow captive Caitlin (Peters) offers to help them escape.

Thoughts on Edge of Isolation

Edge of Isolation is a horror thriller. One that will dive into the idea that people in remote locations have twisted nature. We see the couple who become trapped in a society that they can’t survive in. facing off against a loyal family that will do anything for family. Putting us into this environment, we see the survival battle. Using similar ideas that we saw in Wrong Turn. We get to see how becoming outnumbered will leave the couple needing to be smart. Going against what they know from the city life they have been living for years. It doesn’t seem to offer much new to the style of horror.

You can watch the movie HERE

Final ThoughtsEdge of Isolation is a standard horror, bringing little new to the table.

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