12 Hidden Gems from the First Half of 2022

12 Hidden Gems in the First Half of 2022

2022 has seen the cinemas come back stronger than ever. Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, Everything Everywhere All At Once, to mention a few. Like every year, we hear about the most popular films, the ones that get the full cinema release. We also get to learn about the special movies that might have been missed. This is that list of Hidden Gems from the first half of the year.

This is not a ranking, only a list of the hidden gems that you might have missed.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Junta Yamoaguchi brings us a time travelling single shot sci-fi comedy. In the movie we get to see how a café owner discovers the TV in his café starts showing two minutes into the future. Before long the group have set up a system to see how far they can push things. As we see a string of events happen, in what is one of the most creative movies of the year.

The Policeman’s Lineage

Kyu-maan Lee’s The Policeman’s Lineage is a crime drama from South Korea. We follow a young police officer that is pushed into helping internal affairs investigate a respect detective. The same detective that once worked with his father. We are taken into the criminal world of fine lines. Between the police and criminals that are being set up to keep their lives financed. A thriller that will keep you guessing throughout. we are left to see whether the young officer will uncover the truth, or learn more about his father.

The Cellar

Brendan Muldowney’s The Cellar is horror film that went to Shudder. The movie follows a couple that get a new home only for their daughter to vanish. Leading the mother down a path searching for answers as to what is happening around the home. Filled with plenty of scare, nerve shredding tension and an ending that will leave you shocked. The Cellar is one of the best horrors of 2022.

Night’s End

Jennifer Reeder’s Night’s End is a horror movie with a twist. We get to follow an anxious shut-in that starts to believe his apartment is haunted. Turning to friends and experts for advice, with no way of escaping the terror he is going through. Night’s End is a clever twist on making an effective horror during the pandemic era. With every other performance including Michael Shannon, being through webcams.

Gatlopp: Hell of a Game

Alberto Belli’s Gatlopp is a horror comedy, channelling the likes of Jumanji. It follows four friends that come together after years apart for a board game night. The board game Gatlopp, that will test the friendship to help cure the problems they are all facing in life. Kept in a comical tone, the games are deadly and unique. Bringing a fresh approach to this needing to get on with life discussion people go through.

Beyond Existence

Schuman Hoque’s Beyond Existence is a sci-fi thriller. This movie will follow a government agent who finds herself getting caught up in the middle of a great problem. Gathering the information to make things become clearer for her. In what is more of a thinking sci-fi thriller. It will leave you surprised with how it all ends.

Yes Man

Daniel Glenn-Barbour’s Yes Man is a raw crime drama follows a young man caught between worlds. One which will give him a chance to escape, the other that will see him either dead or in jail. The movie will show the struggles living in London will create when stuck in a circle of crime. How trapped the people can feel and become, when the gang mentally around them will drive them down the wrong paths.

Heart Parade

Filip Zylber’s Heart Parade is a Polish romantic comedy. Following a career driven woman who loses her job and relationship. Wanting to rebuild her reputation with a story about dachshund competition. This will see her meet somebody new, someone who will give her new hope about her future. A new love and understand for life, take it slow and you will enjoy yourself. Not being the biggest fan of romantic comedies, this is one that made me laugh along with the love story.

A Violent Man

Ross McCall’s A Violent Man follows a dangerous prisoner looking for redemption. A man that finds himself with a new younger gang member cellmate and an estranged daughter that finally wants to meet him. This drama will show the redemption that prisoners might go through inside. Using their guidance to help people find navigate the prison system. Looking to pass on his lessons to his young cellmate. When you see the cast includes Craig Fairbrass, you would expect to see a more violent driven movie. This does hold back everything in the movie.

Last Radio Call

Isaac Rodriguez’s Last Radio Call is a found footage movie. Following a wife searching for answers about what happened to her husband. In a world where we have too many found footage movies. The idea we have one that makes sense to keep recording. We have a story that will keep us wanting to learn the truth, a truth that will shock and surprise you. There are some excellent scares in the movie, using the found footage methods to its advantage.

I Am Zlatan

Jens Sjogren’s I Am Zlatan follows the early career of one of the most famous iconic footballers of all time Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Being a football fan, learning about the hardship, commitment and life problems Zlatan went through. Makes this a massively entertaining interesting story. One you want to learn more about, as we only follow up to his Ajax days. If you are a football fan, you will get great enjoyment out of this movie.

Love You Anyway

Anna Matz’s Love You Anyway follows two lifelong friends as they deal with growing up and adult struggles. This emotional drama shows us the effect of losing something in life can have on people. How depression can take over, controlling your life without knowing who to turn to. Shot in what is like a found footage form, highlighting the biggest moments of the lives of the characters. One of the most authentic life dramas of the year. This is one of the movies that jumped into my top 5 for the year.

What are you Hidden Gems of 2022 so far?

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