Beyond Existence (2022) Movie Review


Beyond Existence – Great Discussion-Based Film


Director: Schuman Hoque

Writer: Christopher Butler, Steven Farah (Screenplay)

Starring: Amelia Clay, Gary Mackay, Vincent Vermignon, Pauline Turner, Bamshad Abedi-Amin, Jon McKenna, Steven Farah

Plot: Ellen, a government agent follows orders to seek and destroy a professor who’s been trading government information to foreign territories. However, in a twist of fate the Professor’s life is spared, and the unlikely couple find themselves on a road trip through barren landscapes of England.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Beyond Existence starts when the Professor (MacKay) is looking to escape, tracked down by government agent Ellen (Clay) who looks to take him to a secret location. The pair find themselves getting tracked down by The Guardian (Vermignon).

As the pair travel together, Ellen will learn why the Professor has gone on the run and what he is trying to do to save humanity.

Thoughts on Beyond Existence

Characters & Performances – Ellen is the government agent assigned to track down and return the Professor, she has dedicated her life to her career. Once she learns of the bigger picture she is fighting for, she will find herself helping in the escape to save humanity, learning there is more to fight for than she first thought. The Professor is the man on the run, he has a mission to save humanity from an incoming threat and carefully explains the threat to Ellen to try and get help. Amelia Clay and Gary MacKay, both give us great leading performances, bringing the discussion-based film to life, instead of diving into the action it could have.

StoryBeyond Existence will bring us a story that will bring a discussion about saving humanity from a new threat, where they journey will show how things will need to be drawn out. The story will get into the deeper side of things going on to discuss the involvement between the Professor and Ellen on what they can make things happen. This will keep us away from any action, letting the words drive the story, offering up the bigger points that need to be addressed. The story doesn’t get to be as completely flushed out as you might imagine, falling into the position of us wanting more from the concept in place.

Final Thoughts Beyond Existence is an interesting discussion-based movie.

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