Death Trench (2017) Movie Review

Death Trench is a welcome addition to the experimentation gone wrong subgenre of horror.

Death Trench Poster

Director: Leo Scherman

Writer: Matthew Booi, Leo Scherman (Screenplay)

Starring: Rossif Sutherland, Robet Stadlober, Charlie Carrick, Shaun Benson, Ted Atherton, Luke Humphrey, Jeff Strome

Plot: In the final days of WWI, an allied army unit led by a shell-shocked soldier is sent to investigate a mysterious abandoned German facility located deep underground. What they find is fate worse than death.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Death Trench starts when a group of soldiers LT Berton (Sutherland), Captain Cooper (Humphrey), Dr Priest (Carrick) and Pvt Kelly (Hurtig). Get sent to an abandoned German facility in the final days of World War One.

As the soldiers go deeper into the facility, they find out they are not alone. Not all the Germans have left, with the remaining ones having their own plans. Deep within the facility, in a world a horrors they couldn’t imagine.

Thoughts on Death Trench

Death Trench is one of the horror sci-fi films that looks to expose one of the many rumoured experiments the Germans tried during the wars. This one, like most of the rest all going wrong with a new level of horror about what they were thinking about doing.

This will unfold in a pace you wouldn’t expect, with plenty of twists along the way. The idea of what is being created would be terrifying. Which will leave the soldiers needing to do the right thing. The horror side of the effects work very well. The gunfire becomes the weaker side of things. In what is another addition into the German experimentation. This is a welcome addition that is well worth watching for the horrors of the minds.

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