Clean Slate (2021) Movie Review

Clean Slate – Movie Review

Clean Slate

Director: Jared Callahan

Plot: Two friends in a Southern drug recovery program struggle to come to terms with their addiction and mental illness by making a short film about the pain they’ve caused their families.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Clean Slate

Clean Slate is a documentary that follows two friends from a drug recovery program that decide to make a short movie. The pair have different struggles in life and the risk of slipping off the wagon is always looming over them.

This gets to show how important the project has become for both of the men and how well they work together. It doesn’t hold back exploring how difficult making a short movie can be. Certain moments involved are potential triggers for them.

It shows how important finding a project can help on the road to recovery. Knowing it helps guide people not to think about the things that previously consumed their lives.

However, with the whole positive concept behind the movie. It doesn’t seem to tackle enough of the problems that could have been experienced by the men. Going through small stories, rather than diving deeper into the problems.

Final Thoughts Clean Slate is an interesting documentary about battling addiction.

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