Camping Trip (2022) Movie Review

Camping Trip Movie Review

Camping Trip

Director: Demian Fuica, Leonardo Fuica

Writer: Leonardo Fuica (Screenplay)


Plot: In the summer of 2020, two couples decide to go on a COVID-era camping trip after months of being in lockdown. The freedom of nature and the company of their best friends offer the group a rare sense of normality, but though secluded, they’re not alone. Nearby, during a botched drop-off, two goons decide to go rogue; inadvertently, implicating the campers. What started as a fun-filled vacation quickly turns into a test of loyalty and survival. Suddenly the pandemic is the least of their worries

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Camping Trip starts when Enzo (Fuica) and Polly (Cameron) meet up with fellow couple Ace (Gravenstein) and Coco (Briand). As the Covid restrictions have been lifted, letting them go for a camping trip together. The group find the perfect spot and look to unwind for the first time in months.

Elsewhere, a botched drop-off around the area happens, leaving Billy and Orick searching for their money. The two groups meet in a tense showdown, as the pair believe the group has the money and wants to claim it before getting their hands too dirty.

Verdict on Camping Trip

Camping Trip is a mystery thriller that follows four friends that find themselves in a life and death situation after discovering a large bag of money. It shows both sides trying to stay ahead of each other when it comes to dealing with the potential of who is going to end up with the money.

The problems with this story come from the needless ‘Covid was hard’ nonsense. That is fast becoming one of the worst things written into movies. It has become the quickest dead trait thrown into movies and shouldn’t be glorified like it is in the movie.  Elsewhere, in the story, it is more about how the friendship will be pushed to the limits. Seeing how quickly they can break down in a matter of time over money. None of this makes any sense between the friends.

The characters aren’t written well either, with them being loud and annoying and never showing any chemistry between them. The performances don’t help with anything either. The film feels too bloated, skipping over the most important part, for an overly long introduction to the friends.

Final Thoughts Camping Trip is a lifeless thriller that never captures the tension.

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