All Summers End (2017) Movie Review


ABC Film Challenge – Romance – A – All Summers End (2017)

Director: Kyle Wilamowski

Writer: Kyle Wilamowski (Screenplay)

Starring: Pablo Schreiber, Kaitlyn Dever, Annabeth Gish, Tye Sheridan, Austin Abrams, Beau Mirchoff

Plot: After a summer prank goes awry, a teenage boy falls in love while grappling with his guilty conscience.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: All Summers End starts as an adult Conrad (Schreiber) sees his son go on his first walk with a girl, sending him down memory lane. A teenage Conrad (Sheridan) looks back at when he met Grace (Dever). His first love over a summer where life took a sudden turn for him. When he is involved in a chase that will see her brother die in an accident.

As Conrad is feeling guilty, he starts to move away from the other friends around. While getting closer to Grace, as he gets his first summer love, even if he knows what the consequences could be if the truth come out.

Thoughts on All Summers End

All Summers End is a coming-of-age romance between two teenagers. Who are caught in the middle of a tragic loss for one and the guilt for the involvement in the accident from the other. It shows how a summer can change everything in life for teenagers. From a reckless moment to the first love in life. These are moments that can define lives for the ones going forward.

The performances from Tye Sheridan and Kaitlyn Dever are wonderful, showing the talent the pair both hold, while bringing the young lovers to life, as they show how both are going through a difficult time. The story will bring to light plenty of problems teenagers must go through, be it friendships changing, early loves, mistakes they can’t face along with the adult side of things, showing parents struggling after loss, causing problems within their own family.

All Summers End is a brilliant coming-of-age love story.

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