King Knight (2021) Movie Review

King Knight – Movie Review

King Knight Poster

Director: Richard Bates Jr. (Tone-Deaf)

Writer: Richard Bates Jr. (Screenplay)


  • Matthew Gray Gubler (500 Days of Summer)
  • Angela Sarafyan (Reminiscence)
  • Andy Milonakis (Waiting)
  • Kate Comer (Wine Country)
  • Josh Fadem (Unlovable)

Plot: Thorn and Willow appear to have it all as the revered high priest and priestess of a coven of new-age witches. But a secret from Thorn’s past throws their lives into turmoil and sends them on a trippy, hilarious journey.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: King Knight starts as we meet witches Thorn (Gubler) and Willow (Sarafyan). They have their own coven that follows the rules, as they keep everything in peace.

When Thorn gets an invitation from his past, it puts his place in the coven under pressure. This forces him on a journey of self-discovery, where he must accept his past, to enjoy his future.

Verdict on King Knight

King Knight is a horror-comedy that dives into the concept that friendly witches live among us. No different to many witches most people would know in real life. The leader of the coven must learn about himself after a moment from his past looks to change everything within the group.

Well, where do we start with this one? The concept of a coven working together to support each other is the highlight of the movie. Where this movie takes a massive turn for the worse is with the dialogue. Most of it is unbearable to watch, with the attempted comedy missing a lot, and feeling very juvenile.

The performances are solid enough, even if the characters aren’t that interesting. Most of the cast understand the roles they are playing, who are out there witch figures, who stay away from the busy side of life. This doesn’t hit the marks it seems to be aiming for, falling very short in the bigger message it wants to spread.

Final ThoughtsKing Knight is an unfunny out there comedy that misses most of the laughs.

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