Camera Test Subject (2020) Short Movie Review

Camera Test Subject – Movie Review

Camera Test Subject

Director: Sean Meehan

Writer: Sean Meehan (Screenplay)


  • Timothy J Cox

Plot: A peek inside the mind of an actor in the throes of something truly terrible: a camera test.

Runtime: 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Camera Test Subject

Camera Test Subject follows an actor hired to be a test subject around New York. It is told through the mind of the actor who is unsure of what he should really be doing. With him trying to keep his mind busy during a time when he is left in an isolated environment surrounded by people.

This does an excellent job of showing the mindset of an on-screen actor in a solo project. It gets to show how isolated they can feel, without the chance to communicate with the people around them. Despite being less than three minutes long, it tells a massive story for the star.

Final Thoughts Camera Test Subject presents the sound of silence in an actor’s mind.

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