I’ll Be Watching (2023) Movie Review


I’ll Be Watching – Movie Review

Director: Erik Bernard

Writer: Elisa Manzini, Sara Sometti Michaels (Screenplay)


  • Eliza Taylor (The November Man)
  • Bob Morley (The 100)
  • Seth Michaels (Red Notice)
  • David Keith (Daredevil)
  • Natasha Halevi (Clowning)

Plot: In I’ll Be Watching, after her tech genius husband leaves on a work trip, Julie, still mourning the loss of her sister, is trapped in their new, isolated home and must fight her own fears to stay alive.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: I’ll Be Watching starts when an artist Julie (Taylor) has her life turned upside down when her sister is murdered. Her husband Marcus (Morley) decides to move the couple to a high-tech home for added security.

However, when Marcus goes away for a business, he leaves Julie alone in the home. It doesn’t take long before she starts hearing strange things around the home, as the guilt starts to catch up with her.

Verdict on I’ll Be Watching

I’ll Be Watching is a thriller following a traumatised woman that is left alone in a high-tech house to recover. It sees her starting to become paranoid as the guilt of her sister’s death catches up with her. However, when she starts experiencing things she can’t explain her life gets turned upside down.

This is a thriller that uses the isolated home environment to show us how high-tech security can become a nightmare. However, it manages to balance this with an excellent idea to use the guilt of losing a sister to leave the questions about Julie up in the air. While this does keep us guessing, by the end, it gives us a well-rounded conclusion.

Final ThoughtsI’ll Be Watching is a tense thriller keeping us guessing throughout.

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