Attack on Titan (2022) Movie Review

Attack on Titan – Movie Review

attack on Titan poster

Director: Noah Luke

Writer: Gil Luna (Screenplay)


  • Michael Pare
  • Erin Coker
  • Neli Sabour
  • Jack Pearson
  • Jenny Tran

Plot: As viable water is depleted on Earth, a mission is sent to Saturn’s moon Titan to retrieve sustainable H2O reserves from its alien inhabitants. But just as the humans acquire the precious resource, they are attacked by Titan rebels, who don’t trust that the Earthlings will leave in peace.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Attack on Titan starts when a space crew is on a mission to Titan to collect water for Earth. They have a peaceful argument with the leader of the Moon, however, some of the rebels refuse to give up their supplies.

As rescue crew is sent to retrieve the supplies and rescue any of the crew members. They come under attack too, however, they are prepared to fight back.

Verdict on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a sci-fi action movie following a rescue ship needing to fight back against a rebellious group. They find themselves against the odds and on limited supplies if they are to make it out of the situation.

On paper, this could be a very interesting movie. However, by jumping straight into the conflict, we see to be left to just assume things have been dealt with before. See the first interactions on Titan would have been a lot more interesting. Understanding why the rebels are against working with Earth. As well as not seeing how bad the situation on Earth is.

This ends up feeling like just the opening segment of a much bigger and more interesting story. One we could return to if this story had been more investing.

Final Thoughts Attack on Titan is a sluggish sci-fi movie.

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