Future Soldier (2023) Movie Review


Future Soldier – Movie Review

Director: Ed Kirk

Writer: Ed Kirk (Screenplay)


Plot: In the future 2002AD, bounty hunter Captain Mo Harrington finds himself pulled into a sinister conspiracy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Future Soldier starts in the future as bounty hunter MO Harrington (McPherson) continues his operations. He finds himself working with Sarah Dagger (Pickering) as they look to bring down the evil Matriarch (Whitehouse). However, when he starts to wonder whom to trust, he returns to Xoey Cass (Alice) for assistance.

Xoey is reluctant to leave the Undercity, where she keeps people in order. However, she is aware that Mo is looking to end the reign of terror.

Verdict on Future Soldier

Future Soldier is a dystopian sci-fi thriller following a bounty hunter looking to eliminate the biggest threat to the survivors. It sees him getting involved in the bigger conspiracy that could decide the fate of mankind. He must use his connections to learn the truth if he is going to end the war.

This is a micro-budget movie that uses a limited budget to create a world bigger than many movies we see. The dystopian world has plenty going on in it while showing the different levels of society now in it. It feels like Blade Runner was the inspiration for a lot of the story unfolding in a battle against someone using their power to control the people. This is also a world we could easily return to once again, as it could have many more stories involved in it.

Where to Watch: Future Soldier is available from the 1st of May.

Final ThoughtsFuture Soldier is an ambitious engrossing environment with an excellent conspiracy story.

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