Becoming the G.O.A.T. The Tom Brady Story (2021) Movie Review ‘By the Book Documentary’ 

Becoming the G.O.A.T. The Tom Brady Story – By the Book Documentary 


Director: Johannes Guttenkunst

Plot: Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time with stats that surpass even Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Dan Marino. With seven Super Bowl rings and a legendary 60-plus MPH rocket arm, he is the GOAT. Learn the backstory of how this champion rose to the top from his childhood friends, high school and college teammates, coaches, and fellow NFL players.

Runtime: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Becoming the G.O.A.T.: The Tom Brady Story

ThoughtsBecoming the G.O.A.T.: The Tom Brady Story is a documentary that will see how Tim Brady rose to super stardom in American Football, with interviews from his high school coaches and teammates, before he entered the professional game, not at the top, as just a number in the draft, not a first choice, meaning he would need to earn his stripes to make it to the top. With plenty of interviews from the people Tom has played for or with, we get to see the impact he had on their careers, seeing how the steady determined Eddie would go on to make history, without bringing too much flash about his life. When it comes to sports documentary, it would have been nice to see more of the major plays, incidents that made Tom the global superstar, rather a few pictures, which will go down to rights on the footage, but to highlight how amazing the plays were meant to be, we need a visual of what these moves were. If you are a die hard Tom Brady fan or even NFL fan, most of this you would already know, which why this does come off on the more basic side, not getting into enough of the true drive and desire from the history maker.

Final Thoughts Becoming the G.O.A.T.: The Tom Brady Story is a by the book documentary of one of the greatest athletes the world has seen.

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