A Stalker in the House (2021) Movie Review ‘Uneasy Thriller’

A Stalker in the House – Uneasy Thriller


Director: Jared Cohn

Writer: Jared Cohn (Screenplay)

Starring: Michael DeVorzon, Veronika Issa, Jack Pearson, Scout Taylor-Compton

Plot: Jen is single and looking to find her match with online dating. She connects with Mike, who appears handsome and charming. But some things are too good to be true, and all is not what it seems. When he becomes aggressive Jen pushes away and tries to avoid him, however Mike has other ideas. Obsessed, he does not intend to let Jen go so easily and now she is in a fight for her life.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Stalker in the House starts when Jen (Issa) is looking to adapt to a new city, when she has an online date with Mike (Pearson), a date that doesn’t go too well, with Jen wanting to call it quits after this first date. Mike on the other hand isn’t taking no for an answer and keeps trying to get Jen’s attention.

When Jen refusing to let him back into her life, Mike decides to take things into his own hands, breaking into her apartment, stalking her every movement, trying to control her life.

Thoughts on A Stalker in the House

Characters & Performances – Jen is a young woman that is looking to start dating again, with her latest date being a man she doesn’t want to have around. She does try to be nice about asking him to leave and go, finding herself dealing with a stalker, she is just trying to get her life together on the dating side of things, but we don’t get to learn much about her away from the dating world she is involved. While Jen is written in a way that she is almost used to the attention she doesn’t want, with how she is handling the approaches from the stalker. Veronika Issa does well in the leading role, showing the calmer approach to the stalker, while showing the deeper side effects while alone. Mike is the man that goes on the date and doesn’t understand the word ‘No’, he believes he is in a relationship with Jen, leading to him to take out anyone who starts getting close to her. Jack Pearson does make the stalker figure frightening, while having the charm to make people believe he is an innocent figure in the events of the film.

StoryThe story here follows a young woman that finds her latest date turn into a stalker that is looking to make her life hell, always turning up when she doesn’t want him around, as he starts to believe they are in a relationship. The story will highlight the problems women must go through with men that don’t take no for answer. We will see how Mike getting closer, happens slowly, with his actions showing the extremes he will go through to make his love come true. When it comes to seeing how everything unfolds, it does fall into everything we would have seen before, without giving us the full urgency of what is happening.

ThemesA Stalker in the House is a thriller that will show how one woman will find her own home a place for nightmares with a stalker turning up unannounced, trying to control her, but everything is kept to verbal incidents for the most part, leaving the thrilling action in the encounter which does go too far. The apartment does make everything feel creepier, with how the layout can give a stalker place to sneak around.

Final Thoughts A Stalker in the House is a thriller that shows the dangers a stalker can bring onto an innocent person’s life.

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