Becoming Abi – Episode 5 – Leading is Easy? Recap & Review

Becoming Abi – Episode 5 – Leading is Easy? – Recap & Review

Director: Bolu Essien, Terrel Ejem

Cast: Bolu Essien, Juliana Olayode, Seun Ajayi, Biodun Stephen, Stan Nze, Ifeanyi Kalu, Opeyemi Akintunde

What Happened?

Abi is introducing Israel to Big Momma as they look to take their relationship to the next level. As Abi’s relationship is going well, she takes the focus off her career. This doesn’t stop her from getting another promotion to head the agency team.

As Abi takes a new role, she must deal with other problems between the employees. Dealing with fights between employees, needing to make the best decision for the team. This sees Abi address problems with clients and continue to show her leadership skills to her best friend at work Joyce. Only for it to leave Abi in a difficult position of needing to improve the employees around her.

Elsewhere Abi’s personal life is taking off, with a surprise from Israel. A dinner treat to celebrate her new promotion. The changes have shown how difficult Abi’s new role will become.

What to Expect Next Episode?

Can Abi handle the added pressure?

How will Abi and Joyce’s friendship change with the role change?

Final Thoughts: Leading is Easy? Ups the stakes in every aspect of Abi’s life. It shows how she handles the changes and leaves us waiting to see what happens next.

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