The Area 51 Incident (2022) Movie Review

The Area 51 Incident – Movie Review

Area 51 incident

Director: Rhys Frake-Waterfield

Writer: Scott Jeffrey, Tom Jolliffe (Screenplay)


Plot: An outbreak occurs in the infamous Area 51 leading a group of survivors to an underground bunker. only to learn. they are not alone.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Area 51 Incident starts when Trent (Jeffrey) and Jenny (Purvis) visit Trent’s father Doug (Wynn-Davies) on a secret military base. They visit just as the latest experiment is taking place, one that sees creatures from another world emerge.

This sees them taking shelter in a secret bunker, while Doug leads a team in search of family members. The battle to survive is on, while the creatures spread through England.

Verdict on The Area 51 Incident

The Area 51 Incident is a sci-fi horror that uses the concept of a secret base to create a nightmare scenario. It creates a base, which never feels that secure about what goes on. This can be seen in how calmly they let outsiders even if they are family in. When the invasion starts, the number of creatures is great, with plenty of different designs that offer up different nightmare visions.

Where some of this story doesn’t work as well, is in the character’s decision-making. From inside the base, nobody works together letting them make reckless decisions that cause more problems. It also wants to go too big with the creatures, having a wonderful introduction to them. Only to turn to a different concept halfway through, one that isn’t as entertaining.

Outside of the low-budget aspect, this is a highly ambitious movie that could open the doors to so much going forward.

Final ThoughtsThe Area 51 Incident is highly ambitious but not as smooth as it could be.

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