Addict Named Hal (2021) Movie Review

Addict Named Hal – Movie Review

Addict Named Hal

Director: Lane Michael Stanley

Writer: Lane Michael Stanley (Screenplay)


  • Natalie L’Amoreaux
  • Ray Roberts II
  • Madeleine Guilbot
  • Peggy Scott
  • Donato De Luca

Plot: Amy is sent unwillingly to a recovery house by her mom, where she meets Hal, a recently incarcerated heroin addict. This film explores the everyday struggles, joys, and horrors of getting clean.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Addict Named Hal starts when Amy (L’Amoreaux) is sent to a rehab house by her mother. Amy has a problem with alcohol and this is her first attempt to try and address it. In the home, Amy finds herself surrounded by drug addicts, including, Hal (Roberts II) a heroin addict.

As Amy starts making friends with Hal, she sees what is causing the problems in her life. This sends Amy down a more dangerous path, as she learns the struggles being an addict presents.

Verdict on Addict Named Hal

Addict Named Hal is a drama that looks at the struggles addicts face in life. It is shown through the eyes of a newly entered rehab alcoholic. This shows the different people, with different backgrounds that must live together. Work to get the most out of the problems they are facing.

The movie does a great job of showing how easily people can be led astray without the right support. On the negative side of things, it doesn’t give us enough about what is needed to help with these homes. It only shows them as more dumping grounds to fend for themselves, not giving the addicts any support.

The performances in the film are strong with everyone giving us a convincing performance of the struggles they are going through.

Final Thoughts Addict Named Hal is a bleak look at the addict’s life.

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