Wreck (2022) BBC Series Review


Wreck BBC Series Review

Director: Chris Baugh

Writer: Ryan J Brown (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Kennedy
  • Thaddea Graham
  • Alice Nokes
  • Jodie Tyack
  • Georgia Goodman
  • Ramanique Ahluwalia
  • Harriet Webb
  • Warren James Dunning
  • Louis Boyer
  • Amber Grappy
  • Peter Claffey
  • Anthony Rickman

Plot: Follows nineteen-year-old Jamie, a new recruit who joins the Sacramentum crew in search of his missing sister.

Runtime: 44 Minutes per Episode Average.

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wreck follows nineteen-year-old new recruit Jamie (Kennedy) as he joins the crew of the Sacramentum in search of answers to what happened to his sister Pippa (Tyack). As Jamie makes friends on board with Vivian (Graham), Cormac (Claffey) and Ollie (Rickman), he starts search for answers.

When more bodies start turning up, Jamie fears the worst, but nothing could prepare him for the truth. With the investigation ongoing, romance blossoms for Jamie with Ollie and Vivian with a first-class passenger Lily (Ahluwalia). Leading to one question, can they learn the truth before it is too late?

Verdict on Wreck

Wreck is a mystery horror following a new crew member searching for answers about his missing sister. It takes us through the new recruit being put through the ropes as they look to keep the passengers happy on their journey. While creating a mystery about why certain characters are being picked off. This creates drama, relationships and mystery, leaving us to want to know more.

Where this show succeeds comes with the reveal of what is happening. Now, getting here is a different matter. The first episode hints heavily at a certain killer on the boat. Using the duck costume to excellent effect. Sadly, this isn’t the direction the show goes, leaving the gimmick concept behind after episode one. That being said and previously mentioned, it does find a path that gives us a brilliant final two episodes, with a twist you simply won’t see coming.

Characters & Performances

There are a couple of slower episodes in the middle, that are used to grow relationships and connections along the way. When it comes to characters, Jamie and Vivian work so well together, the two performers Oscar Kennedy and Thaddea Graham have wonderful chemistry as the amateur detectives. Peter Claffey as the real Cormac gets all the laughs in the series, stealing nearly every scene he is in. Amber Grappy as Lauren is great, usually having to work on her own, being a long-suffering member of the crew. In fairness, there isn’t a badly performed character, the ones that are meant to be over the top click well throughout the show.

Where to Watch: Wreck is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

Final Thoughts Wreck is a delightful mystery with a twist you simply won’t see coming.

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