Yard Kings (2020) Short Movie Review

Yard Kings – Short Movie Review

Yard Kings

Director: Vasco Alexandre

Writer: Billy King, Vasco Alexandre (Screenplay)

Writer: Justin Scher-Smith (Dialogue)


  • Elle Atkinson
  • David Price
  • Caroline Lazarus
  • Jermaine Ricketts

Plot: A 9-year-old from an abusive household builds a new home for herself in a scrapyard nearby.

Runtime: 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Yard Kings starts as 9-year-old Ellie (Atkinson) spends her days around a local scrapyard with Pete (Price). This gives Ellie an escape from the abusive home, where her mother Lisa (Lazarus) gets abused by her new boyfriend. In this world, Ellie creates a safe place away from the violence at home.

Verdict on Yard Kings

Yard Kings is a beautiful drama that shows the difficult world a child can find themselves in when it comes to being around abusive relationships. It shows how a young girl will find her own way to create escape.

When it comes to short stories, I always like to ask if we could see more from the story. This could easily explore more about the lives of Ellie and her mother. In the end, this is story is important, brave and charming. It hits so many marks on struggling in life when it is often the children than can suffer in silence. Even if they continue to find hope in a form of happiness to them.

The performance from young Elle Atkinson should be one that makes pay attention to the young talent.

Final Thoughts Yard Kings is a wonderful short movie, one that never holds back on the bleak reality.

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