The Institute (2022) Movie Review

The Institute – Movie Review

The Insititute

Director: Hamza Zaman

Writer: Hamza Zaman (Screenplay)


  • Ignacyo Matynia (Like Dogs)
  • Mark Lobene
  • Victorya Brandart
  • Hamza Zaman (Tango Shalom)
  • Jarred Harper

Plot: A young couple unable to conceive travels to a doctor’s remote facility.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Institute starts when Marie (Brandart) and Daniel (Matynia) have been struggling to conceive. They decide to give a remote facility a chance, with Dr Lands (Lobene). Once at the facility, the couple learns about Lands’s different wants, while meeting other couples trying to conceive.

As the couple adapts to life at the facility, they discover a more intense sex drive. This causes them to commit to going through with getting their first child, but not everything is as it seems.

Verdict on The Institute

The Institute is a horror thriller that dives into the world of fertility treatment. It shows how desperate a couple can become if things haven’t been going their way after a tragic loss. This ends up going through the creepy ideas of a new doctor, that others believe is perfect.

The film gets to show how scientists will have outside-the-box ideas. Even if things end up going down a darker path. Sadly, this gives away most of the twists early on, while focusing more on putting in sex scenes over building the story.

The movie uses green screens for some scenes, which come off badly, taking us completely out of the scenes they are used.

Final Thoughts The Institute is a horror movie that misses on any scares, tension and just comes off sleezy.

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