Wreck – Episode 2 – Catch of the Day – Recap


Wreck – Episode 2 – Catch of the Day – Recap

Director: Chris Baugh

Writer: Ryan J Brown (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Kennedy
  • Thaddea Graham
  • Alice Nokes
  • Jodie Tyack
  • Georgia Goodman

Plot: Jamie wakes up with the hangover from hell but is determined to get his investigation back on track. Trusting fellow newbie Vivian enough to let her in on his real reason for being on the ship, they begin forming a plan, which is immediately derailed when they receive grim news about a fellow crew member. However, Jamie and Vivian catch a break, finding a clue that leads them to asking dreamboat Olly for a big favour, one that will bring them down to the ship’s engine room and face to face with The Baby, a fearsome figure in the ship’s Filipino ‘mafia’ one of the many tribes onboard.

Runtime: 44 Minutes

There will be spoilers in the rest of the recap

Story: Catch of the Day starts by going back to before Pippa (Tyack) was part of the crew. Seeing how her decision to leave Jamie (Kennedy) alone with their alcoholic father could be dangerous. Returning to the ship, we see the aftermath of the party and the clean-up work left for one person to do. This also leads to the discovery of the latest victim’s body.

Jamie and Vivian look to continue their investigation, only to learn that Danny was the latest victim. After being told it was suicide, they learn the truth, as Sophia (Nokes) looks to continue the business on the side. But is scared that her safety isn’t guaranteed anymore. Meanwhile, Jamie goes deep into the ship, getting access to a secretive group for clues to who might have been after his sister.

While the rest of the crew looks to grieve Danny’s death, Jamie gets his first encounter with a mysterious masked figure. Once the figure has escaped, the mask reveals their true identity. But are they really the killer?

Verdict on Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day continues to build up the mystery about what happened to Jamie’s sister. Jamie and Vivian continue to be excellent to watch their amateur detective act. On the other side of things, Cormac continues to get most of the laughs, being trapped in the cabin. Meanwhile, Sophia’s operation starts to build a more dangerous side that Jamie isn’t prepared for.

This episode does continue to bring the laughs, which is great to watch. Sadly, we don’t seem to get much of the slasher side of things here, with only one small moment of suspense in this episode.

Where to Watch: Wreck is available on BBC iPlayer Now.

Final Thoughts Catch of the Day continues to build the characters and gets the laughs but lacks suspense in this episode.

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