Megaboa (2021) Movie Review


Megaboa is a forgettable creature feature

Director: Mario N Bonassin

Writer: Alex Heerman (Screenplay)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Michelle Elizabeth O’Shea, Emilia Torello, Joe Herrera, Garrett Schulte, Vimala Veera

Plot: A group of college students head into the rainforest to look for cave drawings. But a once thought to be extinct fifty-foot boa constrictor is out hungry for blood.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Megaboa starts when a group of college students led by Dr Malone (Roberts), Allison (O’Shea), Grace (Torello), Adam (Schulte), Benji (Veera), Jason (Cal) and Rita (Desiree). Head into the rainforest for their studies, they find one of their team injured in a spider bite.

As the students look for help, they are guided by Joaquin (Herrera). Who shows them the bigger threat they are facing, a 60ft boa, ready to hunt anything in its way.

Thoughts on Megaboa

Megaboa is one of the latest big animal attack movie. Which is will see another group of random students needing to fight back to survive. Much like most of the films like this. We will only get the basic characters that are usually doing the random stuff in the film.

This is one of the more forgettable versions of the creature feature, which somehow dragged Eric Roberts into the mix. Which sees him enjoying his time in the movie, without needing to do too much.

The effects are better than some, but usually held back, with more focus on the rainforest than the creatures. Megaboa is one of those movies you can forget in a heartbeat and doesn’t do anything to make you want to return to it.

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