Wild is the Wind (2022) Movie Review

Wild is the Wind – Movie Review

Wild is the Wind

Director: Fabian Medea

Writer: Fabian Medea (Screenplay)


  • Mothusi Magano
  • Frank Rautenbach
  • Chris Chameleon
  • Monay Monyane
  • Nicolus Moitoi

Plot: Racial tensions and corruption come to a head in a small, segregated town after the police find the body of a young Afrikaner girl in the bush.

Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wild is the Wind starts when detectives John Smit (Rautenbach) and Vusi (Magano) get assigned a new murder case. A high profile one in South Africa, one that sees the paid needing to put aside their beliefs to solve.

As the case starts getting more attention, it starts putting Vusi family at risk. With the great questions being asked around the township. Would the same attention be placed on a black girl’s murder as a white girls? This is the battle the detectives must put aside to do the right thing, despite the problems they both face in the aftermath.

Verdict on Wild is the Wind

Wild is the Wind is a crime thriller that is covered in racial tension in a South African township. It follows a black and white detective that must solve a murder and shows how both races are treated during the investigation.

While the murder investigation does seem to take second fiddle in the film. The open discussion presented shows that the racial tension between the people is still high. This leads to problems with the storytelling because the criminal they are after is twisted. They get plenty of attention, but we never seem to see any interaction between the two sides. There is a lot more focus on the consequences of not investigating fairly without discrimination involved.

Where to Watch: Wild is the Wind is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Wild is the Wind is a crime thriller that focuses more on the consequences than the original crime.

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