Becoming Abi – Episode 3 – To Leave or Not – Recap & Review

Becoming Abi – Episode 3 – To Leave or Not – Recap & Review

Becoming Abi

Director: Bolu Essien, Terrel Ejem

Cast: Bolu Essien, Juliana Olayode, Seun Ajayi, Biodun Stephen, Stan Nze, Ifeanyi Kalu, Opeyemi Akintunde

What Happened?

Abi takes an interview for a new company only to hear a voice from her past and an uncomfortable boss. Reporting back to Joyce about how bad the interviews went. There is an unexpected twist for Abi, as she is asked to cover Shade for 5 months, leading her team along with Joyce.

This puts Abi down in another difficult decision, taking the pressure of working with her own team and not getting the work completed. This sees her stepping behind the interview table, as she looks for new recruits to help make the work efficient.

While Abi is enjoying her new role, an offer comes in that is bigger than she could refuse. Leaving Abi in a difficult position, sticking with the company that gave her a chance. Or going to lead her own brand-new team. Abi faces the biggest crisis of her career, and it is how she handles this that will make her career.

What to Expect Next Episode?

What is next for Abi?

Can Abi recover from the disaster for the company?

Final Thoughts: To Leave or Not places us in a position where we might see people struggle under pressure. It shows Abi to be a true leader, knowing how to get the most out of the employees around her.

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