Becoming Abi -Episode 2 – The New Boss Arrives

Becoming Abi – Episode 2 – The New Boss Arrives – Recap & Review

Director: Bolu Essien, Terrel Ejem

Cast: Bolu Essien, Juliana Olayode, Seun Ajayi, Biodun Stephen, Stan Nze, Ifeanyi Kalu, Opeyemi Akintunde

What Happened?

Abi arrives at work to find everyone waiting to meet the new boss Shade, with her list of accomplishments being extremely long. The Employees must now adapt to a new boss, one that could make their lives better or worse, depending on how they do.

Abi finds herself being put on babysitting duty. Something she isn’t prepared for. This leads to things going very wrong and her almost getting in trouble at work, but it was worth it, as she got the deal done. However, she doesn’t get the credit she would like for the work, as Shade takes the meeting. Leading to Abi questioning whether she wants to stay in the office under a boss that takes credit for her work. This spins from the happy positive ending of episode one. To a downer ending for episode two. Showing that life is filled with ups and downs.

What to Expect Next Episode?

Will Abi stay?

How will Abi react to losing the credit for her work?

Final Thoughts: The New Boss Arrives takes Abi into a comfort zone. One she wants to go further for and believes her work will get that. It shows the reality of office work, where the workers don’t get the credit, they deserve for the work they put in.

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