Who Should be Cast in the Twister Sequel?

Who Should be Cast in the Twister Sequel?

The announcement of the Twister sequel follows the children of the original characters Jo Harding and Bill Harding. Giving us another legacy sequel to a movie that never really needed one has raised a few eyebrows. One of the biggest factors being questioned is not having the late Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman involved. While their deaths could easily be placed into the story to create motivation for the children to learn more about tornadoes.

For this casting concept idea, I am giving myself a few rules.

  1. No full A-Listers
  2. Actors between the age of 18-35, this is because the film is under 30 years old.
  3. I am picking two siblings and explaining the role they would play in the team.
  4. No already-made pairings are to be included.

This is not a ranking and is just for fun, so here are the picks

Jack Lowden & Jenny Ortega


Jack Lowden has previously worked as a sibling in Fighting with My Family. He didn’t get as much credit as he deserved from that role. Jack would obviously play the older siblings here and be the one that has been on the road involved in the storm-chasing world for longer. His character would have worked with his father and been there when the accident took his father’s life.

Jenna Ortega would play the younger sister who has not wanted to get involved in the storm-chasing world. She has studied weather through computers and technology after what their parents achieved over the years. After the incident with Bill, she wants to get out into the field following in her mother’s footsteps of wanting to stop people from suffering heartache again. She will lead the computer side from behind, slowly getting closer to the front line as the film unfolds.

Between this pairing, we have the ready-step-up professional and the one eager to learn more and becoming more reckless with their decisions. The story would put more focus on the younger member of the team, despite the personal battle the older brother is going through.

Thomasin McKenzie & Joe Keery

Thomasin McKenzie brought us a social distant character in Last Night in Soho, this would follow in the footsteps of Jo. Who outside her friend’s group was blunt towards everyone she met. This helps her character show the determination to complete the research her parents once started.

Joe Keery would bring us to a character that is a lot more open and bubbly characters. He talks his way in and out of trouble giving him excellent chemistry with the team. Joe’s character is one of the few people that Thomasin opens up to in life. With him trying to break her out of her shell.

This pairing relies on the sibling bond between the two. It puts more focus on working together and building a team, as well as learning to accept more people into each other’s lives. Joe Keery could bring his hugely popular nature in TV or Film to life once again, making this a lot more enjoyable to watch.

Sosie Bacon & Austin Butler

Sosie Bacon burst onto the scene with Smile this year. She showed an incredible emotional range to go hand in hand with her professional career during the haunting events. This role would give her the ability to bring a professional to life again. One that gets to battle the weather tornadoes offer.

Austin Butler is fresh off his stunning performance in Elvis, tipped for Oscar buzz come award season. An actor needs to have a big role to follow up on anything Oscar-related, and this would be a perfect position for him to take. He oozed charisma in Elvis and this could offer him a chance to build on his leading man status.

This pair would be more of a professional unit that has been operating together for a while now. They would have been involved in getting close to different tornadoes and will be facing a new challenge. This would give the most grounded pairing that has just stepped up the research levels.

Jodie Comer & Millicent Simmonds

Jodie Comer has made a major impact over the past few years, from her television work to her praised film work. She has been getting linked to nearly every major role in Hollywood and this role could offer something new.

Millicent Simmonds is the star of the A Quiet Place series. Her appearance approved praise because it put attention on the death community. Millicent would bring a more complex character that would have different challenges to face while fighting against tornadoes.

This pairing would be about the sister relationship that is challenging new warning systems for the death community in smaller towns in America. First, it shows how the warnings are important and second, it would highlight how the tornadoes would be a different experience if you can’t hear them. some incredible sequences of chaos in pure silence could be filmed here.

Will Poulter & Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan has tended to step away from the bigger blockbuster movies after many missteps in her earlier career. She tends to take original concepts but her quirky personality she can bring to the scene could help her shine.

Will Poulter has always been a supporting star, one that often steals the movies, be he a hero or villain. With his perfect supporting stardom, he would make for a great pairing with Saoirse.

In this vision of the sequel, it would follow the pair being a popular weather tracking team. They would have a massive following because of their work across the country. It has discussions about their parent’s roles in getting them more popularity in the world. This would see them getting involved in normal work when an unexpected storm breaks out, leading them to get back into their bread-and-butter storm-chasing days.

Jaeden Martell & Isabelle Fuhrman

Jaeden Martell has been a college-aged star for a few years now, he has appeared in some of the biggest movies, in supporting or leading roles. He is waiting for his chance to break out into more mature roles. This would offer that chance.

Isabelle Fuhrman has been making a much-deserved career high after The Novice and Orphan First Kill. Her natural friendly personality going against the quieter nature Jaeden brings to the screen will give us a unique pairing.

This idea would be similar to the first suggestion, with the roles reversed. Isabelle is the outgoing expert, while Jaeden is the determined over-eager newcomer to the team.

Elizabeth Olsen & Chloe Grace Moretz

Elizabeth Olsen looks like she might have finished off her Marvel run, freeing her up for a new money-making role. She is a natural leader which would bring her into this movie. Her determination would carry the film.

Chloe Grace Moretz hasn’t had the best run-in film recently. She needs a fun co-leading role to put her adult era of acting on the fast lane. Olsen and Moretz would be an interesting partnership for us to see.

This movie would focus more on the storm-chasing rivalry going on. We get to see it in places during the original movie. In this one, it has become more intense, the social media era of reporting would bring many different reckless people into the storm-chasing world. The sisters would need to work together to remain safe and stop others from getting killed.

These are just a few casting suggestions I have put together. Whom would you like to see in a partnership for the Twister sequel?

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