When I Consume You (2021) Movie Review


When I Consume You – Movie Review

Director: Perry Blackshear

Writer: Perry Blackshear (Screenplay)


  • Libby Ewing
  • Evan Dumouchel (Doctor Sleep)
  • MacLeod Andrews (The Siren)
  • Margaret Ying Drake
  • Mike Casale

Plot: A woman and her brother seek revenge against a mysterious stalker.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: When I Consume You starts as struggling siblings Daphne (Ewing) and Wilson (Dumouchel) get another negative. It pushed Daphne over the edge in what looked like a slip-off the wagon overdose.

Wilson is devastated about losing his sister, knowing she was killed. He goes searching for answers and is visited by Daphne who trains him to fight back against the evil that took her.

Verdict on When I Consume You


Daphne has overcome her addictions, put her life back on track and wants to start a family. After being rejected for adoption, she is discovered dead in the apartment, with all signs pointing to an overdose. Despite being dead, she returns to help her brother uncover the truth about her death.

Wilson is Daphne’s brother he has also struggled with addictions and Daphne has helped keep him strong. He sees a figure near Daphne when she died and goes in search of them. Getting a chance to work with Daphne, who helps prepare him for the fight.

The visitor has bright yellow eyes that hide their full shape. The figure is strong than any human and stalks its victims, waiting for them to slip up.


Libby Ewing and Evan Dumouchel as the siblings do a good job showing how much they need each other. Showing that they have been through too much in life, the performances show the commitment they show no matter what.


The story follows siblings that have battled addiction for years but have turned their lives around by supporting each other. When one of them dies in what looks like an overdose, the other searches for answers, discovering a dark reason for her death.

This story does deal with real-life problems that could affect people, showing how addiction can consume people. Balancing that out with a demon figure that is waiting to take advantage of the victims. The story does a great job and showing how the two could be considered the same thing to the former addicts.


When I Consume You is a horror mystery that shows us how difficult life can be with addiction. Whether the person has overcome them, it could still come back and catch up with them. this is where the horror turns up, showing how the darkness will hide things that can’t be explained.

Final ThoughtsWhen I Consume You is a great reflection on addiction to evil spirits.

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