Void (2022) Movie Review ‘Important Emotional Drama’

Void – Important Emotional Drama


Director: Vaibhav Gattani

Writer: Vaibhav Gattani, K Kalyanaraman (Screenplay)

Starring: Vaibhav Gattani, Yuvradnyee, Sanya Sagar, Apoorv Kumar

Plot: When medical science has no answer for Rhea’s infertility, she is left with no option but to go for Supernatural Interventions. Does she succeed? If yes then at what cost?

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Void starts as a professional couple Rhea (Yuvradnyee) and Abhijeet (Gattani) are dealing with struggles of not being able to conceive due to Rhea’s infertility, as Rhea will continue to look for solutions, as her drive to have a child is taking over her.

In one final attempt to conceive, Rhea turns to Blue Skies (Sagar) who reluctantly helps her with a supernatural intervention, leaving the question about whether it will be enough or not.

Thoughts on Void

Characters & Performances – Rhea is the woman that desperately wants to have children, but is facing the reality that she is infertile. She has been down every avenue to make her dream family life come true, with little luck along the way, turning to one final attempt to make it a reality, because the wait for answers is only putting a strain on her marriage. Abhijeet is her husband who has been struggling with keeping Rhea happy after the news, doing what he can to support her through the difficult situation, while not wanting to show any weakness with the news they won’t be able to have children. The performances from the two leads Yuvradnyee and Vaibhav Gattani are both wonderful showing the struggle both their characters are going through.

StoryThe story here will follow a couple who are struggling with the reality they might not be able to have children, as they go searching for answer or solutions to their problem in life. The story will put a firm focus on how Rhea the woman in the relationship is struggling with plenty of issues from not getting the chance she was expecting in life, seeing the emotional toll it is taking on her. This will so the isolated feeling Rhea will start to feel, while she is the one reaching out for solutions, over her husband’s idea of something more outside the box. This is a story that will give us a chance to see how difficult a marriage can become when subjects can’t be discussed as openly as most believe they could be.

Final Thoughts Void is an emotional drama showing one of the hardest struggles a couple could go through.

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