ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – H – The Horde (2009) Movie Review


Director: Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher

Writer: Arnaud Bordas, Yannick Dahan, Stephane Moissakis, Benjamin Rocher (Scenario)

Starring: Claude Perron, Jean-Pierre Martins, Eriq Ebouaney, Aurelien Recoing, Doudou Masta

Plot: An end of the world battle between gangsters, cops and zombies.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Horde starts when a group of cops including Aurore (Perron), Ouessem (Martins) look to raid a notorious gangland tower block, where Adewale (Ebouaney) runs the operations with his righthand man Bola (Masta), but when the bust goes wrong, the group will find themselves needing to work together.

The group find themselves needing to fight the undead, which have suddenly started running the city and once dead, people aren’t staying dead.

Thoughts on The Horde

ThoughtsThe Horde is an action horror that will take us into the zombie world where a group of survivors must fight off an endless number of undead to survive against the odds, using the environment to their advantage, this time a tower block. When it comes to the zombie styled horrors, they are kept on the simpler scale of storytelling, as we will see people needing to put their differences aside to make it out alive, with them needing to overcome more difficult challenges along the way. The action sequences are relentless, with the bodies piling up, the blood splattering, giving us a truly entertaining style to everything we see. The actors all commit to the relentless action required, giving us some over-the-top moments, which do feel deserved for the film.

Final Thoughts The Horde is a relentless action horror that never holds back on the blood splatter.

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