Ultrasound (2021) Movie Review ‘Too Confusing’

Ultrasound (2021) Movie Review – Too Confusing

Director: Rob Schroeder

Writer: Conor Stechschulte (Screenplay)

Starring: Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Breeda Wool, Tunde Adebimpe, Rainey Qualley, Bob Stephenson, Dana Lyn Baron, Jim Boeven

Plot: After his car breaks down, Glen spends one hell of an odd night with a married couple, setting into motion a chain of events that alter their lives plus those of several random strangers.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ultrasound starts when Glen (Kartheiser) is returning home after a wedding, when his car breaks down outside of a married couple’s home. Cyndi (Lopez) and Art (Stephenson) invite Glen for the night, which will see the night takes a turn.

Art and Cyndi track down Glen, they leave him with a big surprise, one that doesn’t make sense to him. Leaving him wondering what to do, until the curtain is pulled back to bring us an even bigger surprise to this world.

Thoughts on Ultrasound

Characters & Performances

Glen is the man travelling home that gets stuck in a storm when his car breaks down, welcomed into a home of a couple. Which will see him have a strange night, before he looks to move on with his life. Until the couple return, turning everything, he once knew on its head.

Cyndi is the woman that Glen spends the night with, who returns to his life with a surprise, though not everything is what she believes, as she starts to see something more from her breaking down marriage.

Dr Conners is leading an experiment that will involve the pair, who will have a different view of their life. Shannon has been working with the Doctor, learning more about what has been going on, believing she is getting through more than before. Ultrasound does have solid performances in the film, nobody looks out of place, getting to make the most out of each part of the film.


Ultrasound starts off simple enough, with the car break down and the weird night. But takes a massive turn into a world where everything isn’t what it seems. The idea of experiments taking centre stage to this world. Ultrasound will see plenty of different stories going on. Which don’t seem to have a complete connection for the most part. Which only makes things more confusing when we jump between certain characters along the way. When you start to put your fingers on what is happening, we do get an interesting idea. While certain parts leading up to this are not made as clear as they could.


Ultrasound is a mystery sci-fi movie that will use a lot of misdirection, never letting us see the truth about what is happening. Until we need to get a shock moment. It will be difficult to keep on top of everything. Which will dive into a direction that could easily have a bigger discussion.

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Final Thoughts Ultrasound is an overly confusing sci-fi movie.

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