Trackdown (2001) Movie Review

Trackdown is a solid mystery thriller.

Trackdown Poster

Director: Frank Shields

Writer: Phillip Avalon (Screenplay)

Starring: Simon Westaway, Paul Mercurio, Anja Coleby, Alan Lovell, Barry Langrishe, Allison Cratchley

Plot: A private investigator must rescue an executive’s daughter.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Trackdown starts when Rebecca Castaldi (Coleby) is kidnapped by a masked abductor. Rebecca’s father Bob (Langrishe) turns to disgraced private investigator Les Kearney (Westaway) to locate her.

The deeper Les gets into the missing person case. The more he starts to uncover the web if lies going on with the people around him. Seeing fingers pointed at him. He searches through the suspects for the truth.

Thoughts on Trackdown

Trackdown is a mystery thriller, following a private investigator searching for a missing woman. This will offer up plenty of mystery, with leads sending Les to the next suspect. Every suspect seems to have something to hide. Les will use his connections to help him, while he gets enemies along the way. Part of the side story will follow Rebecca trying to get away. Which does feel a bit flat because it is just her running around the countryside.

The performance from Simon Westaway is good, he will make for the tough investigator. We do have a big cast here, plenty of characters, who we never seem to know the motives off. This will hold up the performances, as nobody seems to make the most of limited time.

Overall this is a solid, entertaining little thriller. It will keep us guessing, offering plenty of twists along the way.

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