Trim Season (2023) Frightfest 2023 Movie Review

Trim Season – Frightfest 2023 Movie Review 

Trim Season

Director: Ariel Vida

Writer: David Blair, Ariel Vida (Screenplay)

Writer: Sean E DeMott, Cullen Poythress, Megan Sutherland (Story)


  • Bethlehem Million (Sick)
  • Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep)
  • Ally Ioannides (Synchronic)
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus (Dumplin)
  • Jane Badler (Virtual Revolution)


Plot: A group of young people go to a remote marijuana farm where they hope to make quick cash. But, they discover the location’s dark secrets and now must try to escape the mountain on which they are trapped.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: Trim Season starts when Emma (Million) finds herself out of work and needs to get money. Her best friend Julia (Essoe) takes her out on the town when they meet weed dealer James (Senter). He offers them a chance to make quick money trimming weed in the mountain range.

They are joined by Harriet (Ioannides), Dusty (Taylor-Klaus) and Lex (Balinthazy) as they head to Mona’s (Badler) remote ranch. However, when one of the group starts to fall out of line, the rest start to feel the unsettling nature around the compound. Now, they must figure out how to escape despite finding themselves trapped in the area.  

Verdict on Trim Season

Trim Season is a horror thriller following a group of women that get selected to help at a cannabis farm. While the money is promising the group to find their role perfect fit for two weeks away. However, they find themselves involved in a darker problem in which they must fight their way out.

This horror gets to use the isolated location with a group of people taking part in something illegal to create an isolated environment for the characters. It has a disturbing opening sequence that we want answers about. However, it does take a while before we learn the truth, which is even more shocking than we could have expected.

Director Ariel Vida has come learnt a lot from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. The decisions in this movie bring the same unknown disturbing connection to something bigger. It keeps everything unease and the truth is even more shocking than you could have imagined. 

Final ThoughtsTrim Season is a crackling, disturbing and shocking movie.

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