Monolith (2023) Frightfest 2023 Movie Review

Monolith – Frightfest 2023 Movie Review 


Director: Matt Vesely

Writer: Lucy Campbell (Screenplay)



Plot: A headstrong journalist whose investigative podcast uncovers a strange artifact, an alien conspiracy, and the lies at the heart of her own story.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: Monolith starts when an investigative journalist (Sullivan) gets an anonymous message about a ‘Brick’. She starts interviewing people who have also claimed to have received a brick. This leads her down a rabbit hole about what the truth is.

The case gives her a chance to redeem herself as it fits perfectly into the Beyond Believable podcast she is working on. However, she finds herself getting a lot closer to a much creepier mystery than she can handle.  

Verdict on Monolith

Monolith is a sci-fi horror movie following a journalist trying to revive her career that gets caught up in a mystery. It takes her down a path she isn’t prepared for, as she gets to learn about a mysterious brick people around the world have received. However, it takes her down a dangerous path as she starts questioning what is real or not.

This is an incredibly interesting movie, with a story that grabs your attention. It creates a massive mystery and presents it in a way that could easily go either way of the potential outcomes presented too. Lily Sullivan is the only person we see on screen, with her investigation only happening through telephone calls. She presents as an isolated figure in the public error in her character’s past. This only adds to the uncertainty around her investigation, as her reputation has already been put in question.

In the end, this is a movie that keeps us on edge, it consumes our desire to know the truth and leaves us wanting even more. It can make us think one thing and within a second spin our thoughts right around. 

Final ThoughtsMonolith is a mind-bending thriller that keeps us guessing.

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