The J-Horror Virus (2023) Frightfest 2023 Movie Review

The J-Horror Virus – Frightfest 2023 Movie Review 

J-Horror Virus

Director: Sarah Appleton, Jasper Sharp  

Plot: Charting the origins of Japanese horror films at the turn of the millennium, films featuring vengeful ghosts manifesting themselves through contemporary technology against a backdrop of urban alienation and social decay.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on The J-Horror Virus

The J-Horror Virus is a documentary exploring the history of the J-Horror boom. It looks to dive into the history of the movies and how they started to take the world by storm. This has interviews with the filmmakers that made the movies as they explain what drove them to the decisions being made.

The movie gets to dive into the culture that helped create the ideas. As they use what was traditionally haunting for the Japanese culture and left the world wanting more. However, this isn’t only about the biggest or most popular movies. It focuses on the production of the movies that brought the group of filmmakers together.

If you are a fan of J-Horror, you will get a huge amount of enjoyment from this movie. We get to hear little stories that led to the creation of iconic moments and see the passion the filmmakers had to bring a new level of horror to the cinemas. This is an essential documentary for any horror fan, one that we can learn so much from. 

Final Thoughts The J-Horror Virus is essential for any horror movie fan.

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