Tomorrow Morning (2022) Movie Review

Tomorrow Morning – Movie Review

Tomorrow morning

Director: Nick Winston

Writer: Laurence Mark Wythe (Screenplay)


Plot: Tomorrow Morning is the story of one couple seen in two separate timelines, a decade apart. This is a story of life, love, misunderstanding and hope… a universal and timeless tale.

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Tomorrow Morning starts as we follow artist Catherine (Barks) in the two big moments of her life. Preparing for her wedding and going through a painful divorce. Will (Karimloo) is on the other side of this story, seeing his career tested with the divorce.

The pair get to reflect on their time together and what went wrong in their relationship. This explores the good and bad times they had together, as they both look to accept this is going to be the end.

Verdict on Tomorrow Morning


Catherine is an artist, she is going through the final settlement of a divorce. This final day sees her reflect on the times she has with her husband and remember the ups and downs they had along the way. She has the support around her to make sure she can move on with her life.

Will is an advertising man, he is on the other side of the final settlement. He uses the final day to look back too, see how much changed in his life too.

Apart from the pair looking back on their relationship, this is all we learn about the two characters. They are easy to relate to because nearly everyone has been through the ups and downs of relationships.

In the supporting characters, we have the best friends, family and the youngest victim in the middle of the divorce, their son. The support is there ready for them and Zack their son doesn’t completely understand everything that is changing.


Samantha Barks is always a star on the singing side of things, this is no different. When it comes to the pure acting side of the film, she is great too, even if we are just waiting for her to break into song. Ramin Karimloo shines too opposite Barks. He shows us the differences in his character over the two time periods we are following.

The supporting cast brings the laughs needed in the bigger moments, showing the friendship and support they bring the characters in the film.


The story follows a couple that is looking at the biggest day and their final day as a married couple. This story gets to show how both characters have different memories of their relationship.

The story works well at showing how life can bring people ups and downs. It proves that despite the best moments, the memories will remain good, even if things don’t work out well. The split between the story of the movie can be a little harder to follow on Catherine’s side of things because Will is easy to tell apart because of his clean-shaven to full beard character.


Tomorrow Morning is a musical romantic comedy based on a theatre production of the same name. it does use the music to reflect the feelings that the characters are going through during the journey. The laughs come from the supporting characters, which are always there, usually putting things in perspective for the leading characters. With the romance side of the movie, focuses heavily on the idea that tomorrow morning, things will be different. Either being married or being divorced.

Where to Watch: Tomorrow Morning will be in UK Cinemas from 6th September

Final Thoughts Tomorrow Morning is a feel-good journey about the start and end of love.

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