Do Not Disturb (2022) Frightfest Movie Review

Do Not Disturb – Frightfest Movie Review

Do Not Disturb

Director: John Ainslie

Writer: John Ainslie (Screenplay)


Plot: Do Not Disturb follows Chloe and Jack’s honeymoon in Miami where a peyote trip to strengthen their marriage becomes a narcotic nightmare. As they confront their troubled relationship, they discover that this strand of peyote awakens a desire to consume human flesh.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Do Not Disturb starts as honeymooners Chloe (Laferriere) and Jack (Christopher) arrive in Miami. The pair do have their own tragedy around their past. As the pair look to let loose, they start taking peyote, which sees them reacting strangely.

The pair start losing time and showing a more intense reaction to things in life. With the paranoia taking over, the couple discovers what has happened since they started taking the peyote, a new desire to consume human flesh.

Verdict on Do Not Disturb


Jack & Chloe are a married couple on their honeymoon, it is clear early on the couple already has some problems. The couple turns to drugs to try and lighten their moods, only to find themselves going on nightmare trips, with an added lust for human flesh. Jack & Chloe do spend a lot of their holiday arguing and making bad decisions, after bad decisions.


Kimberly Laferriere and Rogan Christopher do a great job of showing the dysfunctional couple. They make it clear the couple isn’t happy despite being on their honeymoon but commit to the darker side of what happens to the pair of their characters.


The story follows a couple on their honeymoon when they turn to peyote to escape the arguments and try to relax. This sends the couple into a nightmare trip where they get the desire for human flesh.

The story gets to show how drugs can send people into a wild spiral, mixing them can make things worse and the couple doesn’t know when to stop. It is strange because the couple doesn’t act like they are just go married, more like a couple who are trying to patch things up with a holiday. Not enough focus is placed upon the tragedy they had been through, which seems like it could have been a catalyst for everything to unfold.


Do Not Disturb is a horror movie that uses the toxic effects of taking an unknown substance to send a couple into a spiral of madness. The biggest surprise in the movie is the fact this happens in a hotel complex, which never leads to any sort of complaints. When most things like this happen, it is kept more private and away from the busy public eye. It also isn’t as gory as it could have been, almost keeping a lot of it held right back, instead of the shock it could have presented.

Final Thoughts Do Not Disturb is uncomfortable, but not as disturbing as imagined.

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