They Wait in the Dark (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


They Wait in the Dark – Frightfest Movie Review

Director: Patrick Rea

Writer: Patrick Rea (Screenplay)


  • Sarah McGuire (The Stylist)
  • Laurie Catherine Winkel (Father of the Bride)
  • Paige Maria
  • Patrick McGee

Plot: Amy, a young woman is on the run with her young son Adrian from her abusive ex-girlfriend. When the past rises up to haunt them, they must confront the forces threatening them from both outside and in.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: They Wait in the Dark starts with Amy (McGuire) and her son Adrian (McGee) searching for shelter. This sees her turn to an old friend Jenny (Maria) who takes them back to Amy’s childhood home. Meanwhile, Judith (Winkel) is tracking them down, showing her violent side to anyone who gets in her way.

As Amy and Adrian get used to the old home, it doesn’t take long before Adrian starts seeing a woman around the home. With that added threat and Judith coming for them, they are left needing to wait in hiding to see if they can escape.

Verdict on They Wait in the Dark


Amy is on the run with her son, running low on supplies. She looks to return to her abandoned family home to hide out and potentially start a new life. Amy makes up with an old friend, who offers them the basics of support, as Amy finds herself haunted by her past.

Judith is Amy’s ex-partner whose violent side has come out, she uses violence to get answers. She is relentless in wanting her son back, which is keeping her on the right track.

Ardian is the couple’s son, whom they have adopted in the past. He believes Judith is dangerous and is happy to be with Amy. Adrian is the first person to see the figure in the home.

Jenny is the only other main character we get to meet along the way. She is Amy’s old friend that offers the support she needs, trying to help her unleash the pain has been through.


Sarah McGuire is strong in the leading role showing the different emotions her character is going through. There is plenty more in each reaction she is showing, as the horrors of her past catch up with her. Laurie Minkel is great as the psychotic presented ex-girlfriend who doesn’t take anything from anyone. Young Patrick McGee does well for a young performer in the movie, with Paige Maria completing the strong main cast.


The story follows a mother on the run with her son, only for her past to catch up with her, as her ex-girlfriend pursues her. This shows both sides of the story, only to throw an extra side to the story into the mix, giving everything an extra layer.

If it was just the pursuit side of the story, it feels like it would have come off a little bit flat. It is the added dive into Amy’s past which breaths added life to the story, proving that the past will always catch up with you eventually. This leaves the story with a shocking reveal and one you didn’t see coming.


They Wait in the Dark is a horror thriller that dives into the need to escape abusive relationships with the running away side of the story. The other side comes from the past catching up with Amy, letting us see a much darker side to what she has done in her past. The location where Amy spends most of the movie shows the pain she has left behind and why she has become the way she has.

Final Thoughts They Wait in the Dark is a tense thriller with a shocking reveal.

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