Lola (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


Lola – Frightfest Movie Review

Director: Andrew Legge

Writer: Andrew Legge, Angeli Macfarlane (Screenplay)


Plot: 1940, Thom and Mars have built a machine, LOLA, that can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future

Runtime: 1 Hour 19 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lola starts in 1940, as two sisters Thom (Appleton) and Martha ‘Mars’ (Martini) build a machine named LOLA. The machine can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future. This leads to the pair helping create a warning system during World War II.

As the War rages on, the pair become crucial in understanding how the Germans would attack. Although it comes at a price, they see the other events from the future disappearing, leading to a change in the future.

Verdict on Lola


Martha is one of the sisters that created the machine, she becomes fascinated by the entertainment they discover. While she does agree to use the machine to help in the war effort, it is seeing the changes in the future that makes her question it more.

Thomasina is Martha’s sister who invented the machine with her. She sees the crucial part it has been offering in the war and finds herself making her own rash decisions about how to use it. the differences in opinions do see the sisters clash, in the most important time of their creation.

Sebastian is a military man who discovers the sister’s invention. He is assigned to watch over the invention to see if it can create a military advantage in the war.


Stefanie Martini and Emma Appleton are both fantastic in the leading roles. The pair show excellent chemistry through the different mindsets their sister’s characters have and they never back down attitude. The supporting cast is strong too, with them getting a chance to shine when needed.


The story follows two sisters who create a machine that can receive recordings from the future which they use to help in the war effort, but at a price.

This is one of the most interesting stories you will see this year. First, the general concept and seeing and changing the future is an interesting conversation. Secondly, it is shot like a lost film that has only just been discovered, trying to capture a found footage concept.

The use of different stories from the 50s, 60s or 70s being seen in the 1940s works very well because it shows a world the sisters want to live in. if you want a movie that lets you get asked the question about what you would do, this is going to be one of the essential watches.


Lola is a sci-fi movie that uses the concept of time travel viewing, rather than actual time travel. The characters get to see the future and offer a chance to change life to help save lives. It asks the questions about whether it would be right to change a future you have never lived in and the consequences of what would happen if they did.

Final Thoughts Lola is the sci-fi movie of the year.

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