The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 1 – Desertification

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 1 – Desertification

Story: Desertification starts as Reza Pakravan looks to plan out his journey across Africa, starting in the one of the most developed countries of Senegal, with the plan to go along the Sahelian Belt, across the eight countries.

We see the delights of Senegal, before moving onto a different world in Mali, seeing the generation of people forced into gold mining for peanuts, in a modern day form of slavery, the further Reza goes into Mali towards Timbuktu, the larger the dangerous become for the explorer.

Thoughts on Desertification

Thoughts – We get the early steps for this journey, showing us the bigger picture going on to try and help fix the climate problems the continent is facing and looking to fix. We start this journey in a safe country in Senegal, showing how the festival can bring the people together. When we move onto Mali, we see the big change, a 1000mile journey, which will take Reza from a civilized country, to a country in Mali that is doing things in a very different way and is dealing with terrorist activities. Seeing the changes coming along, does show us just how difficult learning a new culture and the worries they locals are facing if they help outsiders.

Final Thoughts Desertification is an eye-opening start to a journey through danger that will lead us to places we wouldn’t normally learn about. 4/5

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