The Whisper of Silence (2020) Movie Review

The Whisper of Silence – Movie Review

Whisper of Silence

Director: Alfonso Quijada

Writer: Alfonso Quijada (Screenplay)


Plot: Set in the coffee fields of Latin America, the movie unfolds through the eyes of Josefina Moreno, an 18 year-old coffee picker, with a rare and amazing sense of smell.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Whisper of Silence starts when an 18-year-old woman Josefina (Osma) shows signs of heightened sense with her sense of smell. She is seen as a crucial part of the local area and works in a coffee field. Her skills are used to help discover the greatest taste.

However, this comes at a price, as she must give up most of her life outside of this world. Her only friend Dalia (Mena) tries to keep her grounded, but the opportunities granted would be life-changing for Josefina.

Verdict on The Whisper of Silence

The Whisper of Silence is a drama that explores the unlikely rise of a teenage girl in the coffee field industry. She has an uncanny ability to smell which helps her get further in that industry. However, deep down she has a much darker side to how it has affected her.

This is a movie with a bigger message that does need to be addressed. It gets to show the importance of that subject matter within the world. All while showing how life could change for somebody with the right position in life. The performances are strong from the whole cast involved.

Where to Watch: Bulldog Film Distribution presents The Whisper of Silence on digital HD on 27 March

Final Thoughts The Whisper of Silence is an interesting look at how life can change in an instant.

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