The Golden Boys (2022) Movie Review

The Golden Boys – Movie Review

Golden Boys

Director: Peter Algiers

Writer: Anthony Algiers, Peter Algiers (Screenplay)


  • Robert Dunne
  • Daniel Mills
  • Hans Sardo
  • Peter Algiers
  • Steve Dombroski

Plot: Hans and Antho, two lifelong friends, attempt to track down and catch a serial bank robber, for the reward and the glory. In their search for the Billy Goat Bandit, they enlist the help of a few colourful characters who are all Golden Girls fans, and members of the same online conspiracy forum. All the while, an officer of the law tracks down Hans and Antho as they travel from bank to bank.

Runtime: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Golden Boys starts when two unemployed best friends Hans (Sardo) and Antho (Algiers) decide to try and figure out who a serial bank robber is. Antho has been searching for the Billy Goat Bandit for a while and the two believe there is a pattern.

As the friends investigate the clues they got off a Golden Girls fans forum. They find themselves meeting the different members of the forum and learning about their lives. This sees them dealing with the colourful characters that are filled with new clues on the identity of the Billy Goat Bandit.

Verdict on The Golden Boys

The Golden Boys is a comedy following two best friends that go on the hunt for a serial bank robber. This sees them travelling around town meeting various colourful characters that offer clues. All while trying to elude a determined police officer who believes they are the bank robbers.

This is a fun crime comedy that relies on the hapless friendship getting tested. The pair always find themselves in difficult situations that they need to escape from. On the side of pure comedy, Peter Algiers and Hans Sardo work extremely well together creating a natural banter throughout. The movie is filled with laughs and a mystery you want to try and figure out yourself.

Where to Watch: The Golden Boy is available on Tubi now.

Final Thoughts The Golden Boys is a fun enjoyable crime comedy.

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