The Secret Kingdom (2023) Movie Review

The Secret Kingdom – Movie Review

Secret Kingdom

Director: Matt Drummond

Writer: Matt Drummond (Screenplay)


Plot: Story of anxious Peter (12) and his sister Verity (9), taken underground by a garrison of armoured pangolin

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Secret Kingdom starts when the Drawmer family moves home. Parents Viviane (Parkinson) and David (Gabardi) are tyring to start a fresh life, knowing the added pressure it would place on their child. Meanwhile, their children Peter (Everingham) and Verity (Browne) are struggling to the new environment.

When Peter and Verity uncover a secret kingdom below their feet, they get transported to it. As they try to navigate the world guided by armoured pangolins, they learn that Peter is their King. He must overcome his own fears to keep his sister safe, protect the kingdom and get back home.

Verdict on The Secret Kingdom

The Secret Kingdom is a family adventure movie following two pre-teen siblings. They find themselves struggling to adapt to their new home when they find themselves transported to another world. A place that sees them looking to overcome their own fears to survive and save the kingdom.

This is a family adventure that gets to see how two siblings look to cope with a new home. The world creature is ambitious and filled with a host of fantasy creatures. This makes us feel like the journey is filled with peril and covers an important message along the way. We have two great child performances from Alyla Browne and Sam Everingham. With special effects that fully engross us in the world.

Final Thoughts The Secret Kingdom is a beautiful fantasy with an emotional core.

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