Frat Pack (2018) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – F – Frat Pack (2018) Movie Review

Frat Pack

Director: Michael Philip

Writer: Richard Alan Reid (Screenplay) Rachel Risen, Luke Albright (Story)

Starring: Richard Alan Reid, Beverly D’Angelo, Brendan Michael Coughlin, Kevin P Farley, J. Adam Brown, Rachel Risen

Plot: A shy British graduate gets dragged on a wild road trip across America to a fraternity party by his soon-to-be stepbrothers, as his mother marries into a larger-than-life, American family.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Frat Pack starts when English graduate Elliot (Reid) learns his mother Moira (D’Angelo) is going to America Michaelson (Farley) and has arranged for Elliot to meet the new family.

Once in America Elliot learns his step-brothers to be Sean (Brown) and Joey (Coughlin) are planning a road trip to a frat party, with Fridge (Guillen), Skylar (Risen), Shu (Lee), Amy (Bolona) and Fatima (De Razzo), which will give Elliot a chance to see the partying side of America.

Thoughts on Frat Pack

Frat Pack is a comedy road trip movie that will have a good idea of meeting a new family from a different country. Only for the film to fall into lazy comedy without getting any laughs along the way. Each incident is a moment that would never really happen in real life.

The comedy comes from painful stereotypes about British. Which are the same old joke that never earn a laughs, because they can’t get the irony of what is going on. The performances are fine, with most doing the basic silly frat level humour, completely skipping over any real moments the film would like to achieve.

Final Thoughts Frat Pack is a lazy grossed out comedy that fails to get any laughs along the way.

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